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RADcube is a technology consulting company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Robot Process Automation, Cloud Enablement, and much more.

Skill Demand Energy partners with utilities, local and state governments, and other entities that provide solutions to reduce America’s energy usage.

Syra Health partners with healthcare organizations to supply the best available help for behavioral and mental healthcare needs.

Blue Agilis makes it easier for humans to change or modify their existing processes, workflows and behaviors by using Agile Science.

HireCenter strives to disrupt traditional means of recruitment in an effort to save employers time and money via long-term and successful job placements.

Daily Nickel’s marketplace capabilities for selling personal goods. Find crowd-taskers and crowd-sellers, post your personal projects or products, and negotiate your price.

STVentures is a Commercial Real Estate Company focused on tenant service and satisfaction. We believe what sets us apart from others is our flexibility to meet client needs and expectations.

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We work in partnership with all the major industry suppliers, developing first class solutions for our clients.

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    Available Worldwide

    Predictive Analytics
    Predictive Analytics
    Call Center Development
    Application Service
    Government Solutions
    Data Migration

      The STLogics Holding Company provides operational and strategics advice to our affilates in an effort to enhance their effectiveness and growth. We simply support and nurture our family of Companies to enable them to maximize service to their clients. Our goal is to expand and diversify over various verticals, thus allowing us to foster innovation and create optimal results for client needs.


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