JONAH COOPER, JR. LLC exists to assist corporations, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs in looking to non-traditional partners to grow their services and their bottom line. In today’s competitive global economy, the challenge is no longer WHO can get MORE, but who can DO more with LESS.

JONAH COOPER, JR. LLC is comprised of consulting experts with long-term and wide-ranging expertise in the fields of workforce development, leadership development, diversity training, supplier development, business engagement, education & training, healthcare, non-profit management and energy solutions.

JONAH COOPER, JR. LLC is committed to helping develop strategic partnerships for the “possible” that might otherwise be overlooked.

Our signature program is Helping America Negotiate Opportunities and Jobs, known as HANOJ (pronounced HAN-ah-jah). HANOJ is a workforce development process which brings together corporations, business enterprises, government, institutions of higher learning and community-based organizations to address a common goal in filling the skills gap.