Introducing Our New IT Managed Services Expertise: NLogix

Just a few short years ago, it wasn’t all that uncommon for corporations to employ a team of IT professionals to manage all of the company’s IT systems. Fast-forward to today and you get a very different picture.

Given the fact that technology is changing and evolving at a dizzying pace, it has become nearly impossible for an organization to keep its dedicated support personnel up to speed on the latest technology. How does a company decide where to allocate its technical staff?  Many companies ask the question, “Should we dedicate our staff to manage our different technologies? Or should we employ these minds to work on specific initiatives that will make us more competitive?”

Gartner research wrote, “When an organization partners with the right managed services provider, costs typically fall between 10 to 20 percent.”  While reducing costs is important, a managed services provider must also deliver value in improving operational and technology performance.

Customers must receive a tremendous value from their managed services provider for the relationship to be effective. Value is amplified when a customer trusts the service provider and when a customer receives consistent, immediate response and resolution of tickets. A customer must be confident that the managed services provider is assessing the technology and wider ecosystem of the affected resources, workflows, and processes.

NLogix Managed Services can provide your company a 24 hour helpdesk, security audits, cloud offerings and end-to-end solutions for all of your technology needs. We study performance issues across a customer’s total infrastructure, not just the server upon which the application resides. We can thoroughly examine the path a particular issue takes, and then we can predict where problems could arise.

NLogix aims to be a trusted advisor to its customers. Effective managed services providers help customers implement, manage, and continually improve the technology that allows them to meet their business objectives and improve their competitive advantage in the marketplace. This is the benefit of working with us.


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