Mobile Application Development: New Tools in Sales

If you’ve been in sales longer than your childhood lemonade stand, then it’s more than likely you’ve had some issues with your product pitch. It’s not for lack of planning. You researched the client you are meeting. Date and time have been confirmed. You have all of your freshly printed marketing materials neatly packed in your briefcase and a stack of your business cards discretely placed in your breast pocket. You know your products like you made them yourself and can give specifications off the top-of-your-head quicker than you could recite your family’s birthdates. What more could you possibly need to close the deal with a potential customer?

Well, “there is an app for that”. The sales scenario described above is a page right out of Willy Lowman’s sales book. A mobile application developed specifically for your company’s products is bringing your sales into the 21st Century.

STLogics developed a feature-rich application that included articles, videos and an interactive time-line of the Company that requested the project. Imagine presenting your company to the Customer without the clunky overhead projector and the same “standard” slides. This app can literally take your sales “on the road”. While sitting in the airport terminal, or while having your lunch, you strike up a conversation with someone and it turns into a potential Customer. You no longer have to exchange cards, and set up a meeting to present. You have everything you need for that sale on your phone! For the application designed by STLogics includes an interactive, 3D rotational, animated catalogue of your products.

Obviously, Mobile Application Development is not new. You can find an app for both Android and Apple right now that simulates a dog whistle, tells you the best time to use the restroom at a movie theatre and there’s even one that makes your screen appear cracked. Nevertheless admit it, you weren’t thinking of an app that could enhance your clients’ user experience, showcase your product features and serve as a productivity tool for your sales or your company’s sales people.

STLogics hands you the control as to what features you want designed for your custom application. How you want your company and products presented. What story are you trying to tell to your Customers that can be enhanced by visualization? No offense to Willy Loman but modern technology can tell your story better.


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