NLogix to join with RADcube

Indianapolis, IN January 10, 2018 – Representatives from STLogics, a technology holding company, announced this week that NLogix will join forces with RADcube. The two companies merged on January 1, 2018.

RADcube, a subsidiary of STLogics, is currently a leading force in technology solutions and focuses on Enterprise Integrations, Big Data and Enterprise Applications Solutions.  NLogix’s expertise lies in IT Infrastructure, Cloud Solutions and Cyber Security Services. The merger has come about in order expand our technology practice areas to a complete technology suite of services.

NLogix Director, Brad Robbins, is excited about the merger and looks forward to joining forces with RADcube to offer top of the line services. Brad will serve as VP Cloud and Security.

RADcube utilizes state of the art tools, technologies and subject matter experts to create breakthrough business impacts by targeting innovation opportunities and by managing change effectively. RADcube emphasizes rapid innovation with a targeted approach, strong project management processes, a global presence for development and delivery and a keen focus on user experience.

Sandeep Allam, Principal of STLogics, views the merger as strategic to offer clients a more complete suite of services.

The combined company will focus on Enterprise Technology Solutions with several different practice areas including Managed IT Services, Help Desk Support, Cloud Solutions and Security Services. Clients will have a single point of service for all technology solutions. For more information about the merger, please visit


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