INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., June 1, 2017 – RADCube has been selected by the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) to assist with the construction and support of a shared platform being developed by IBRI in collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company and Dow AgroSciences. The informatics platform will be used for early assessment of the potential toxicology effects of different molecules on human health and the environment. RADCube will provide data, architecture, development, analytics, and data science services to support this initiative. This platform focuses on analyzing early research data sets to better understand the biological consequences of exposure to these compounds to animal species and exemplifies the type of rapid and complex projects that RADCube pursues so it can showcase its expertise in big data solutions.

“RADCube’s expertise in big data solutions, which include data science, data architecture, and application architecture specific to Healthcare IT, will help in this important innovation. RADCube is presently invested in this type of innovation elsewhere,” said Sandeep Allam, CEO and Principal of RADCube.

The toxicological or safety assessment of a molecule generates large amounts of complex data. Working in conjunction with the IBRI, Dow AgroSciences, and Lilly, RADCube resources will complement IBRI’s resources to rapidly develop a shared platform to analyze the data from past toxicological assessments and apply it to new molecular entities. This platform will capitalize on best practices as supplied by the collaborations scientists to more effectively and efficiently analyze data going forward.

RADCube’s expertise in agile development, deep technological expertise, solving complex problems, and novel staff augmentation models enables IBRI to focus on implementing novel techniques and rapidly incorporate these new methods into the platform. As this platform is extended and adopted by the broader research community, RADCube’s resources will be essential to IBRI to scale to this growing community and extend it to other complex biological data and analyses as the emerging science and technology dictate. The RADCube partnership with IBRI showcases how IBRI can partner within the rapidly growing Indiana technology community to deliver critical new capabilities within the more complex Life Sciences domain to deliver value to both corporate and academic partners and interface between two of Indiana’s most vibrant and growing industrial segments.

About RADCube

RADCube is a technology consulting company providing technology solutions and implementation services. Our focus is on Enterprise Integration, Big Data and Enterprise Applications Solutions. We utilize state of the art tools, technologies and subject matter expertise to create breakthrough business impacts by targeting innovation opportunities and by managing change effectively. We are technology agnostic and we have developed strategic partnerships with multiple technologies like Qlik, MuleSoft, and Hortonworks to name a few. We provide industry-specific technology services in Healthcare and Life Sciences, Insurance, Banking, Construction, Manufacturing, Government, Finance, Transportation and Logistics. We emphasize rapid innovation with a targeted approach, strong project management processes, a global presence for development and delivery and a keen focus on user experience. For more information about RADCube and our services, please visit www.radcube.com

About Indiana Biosciences Research Institute

The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) is an independent, nonprofit discovery science and applied research institute initially focused on innovation targeting cardio-metabolic diseases, diabetes and poor nutrition. Inspired by the state and Indiana’s leading life sciences companies, research universities and philanthropic community, the IBRI is building a world-class organization of researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs that will catalyze scientific discovery and its application, resulting in improved health outcomes for patients. For more information about IBRI and donation or collaboration opportunities, please visit www.indianabiosciences.org or follow us on Twitter.

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