Predictive Analytics


Client wanted Stlogics to identify macroeconomic metrics which have the most influence on its Express Cruiser yacht sales and build an accurate and precise forecasting model.

Also, forecast annual sales for small and large size Express Cruiser lines. The trend for both groups has been roughly flat since early 2011.

Our Role

  • Applied our 3P’s framework to analyze internal sales data and macroeconomic data.
  • Developed forecasting model for predicting sales.
  • Provided strategic advice on how to best execute a POC.


  • Increase sales forecast accuracy by more than 14%.
  • Four-year sales forecast developed.
  • Designed predictive forecasting model driven by internal and macroeconomic data.
  • Suggested ways to measure the health of marine lending, advised a shift toward collection of more microeconomic data, and offered other strategic options.